Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Splatterday is DIY Art at Affogato

Organizers Andrew Carver and Cassandra Speicher focused their creative energies into crafting a day long art event at Affogato.  For an entire month they accumulated scrap wood and cardboard and transformed the material into sets and props filling the backyard.  A cemetary of R.I.P. tombstones was the backdrop for used coffee grinds representing the freshly dug graves. Tents, strung with lights provided shelter from the drizzle of the day and gave a glow to the evening. From 10am-4pm the kids painted 40+ pumpkins and participated in the production of the "Live Art" on the main stage.  Giant fingers protruding from the floor extended to the hay-filled lawn.

Andrew painted goulish faces on the children clamoring for the special effects.  Young Mr. Ridgeway was one of the recipients. Games and contests were conducted throughout the day and evening.  Food and drinks were available for all the hungry monsters preparing for Halloween.  The live art prizes were awarded to the winning ticket holders.

Andrew is seen in the hoodie. (right center)  Cassandra is seated next to Matthew Armold, the weekend pancake chef. (upper left)

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