Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lincoln Bakery Celebrates 65 Years!

Lincoln Bakery literally takes the "cake" for being the longest running family-owned business in Bellevue celebrating 65 years of serving up heavenly cakes and pastries to patrons in Bellevue and the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

The saga began in 1945 when Andrew and Stephanie Slezak purchased the bakery which had been operating for 10 years in Bellevue.  With the help of  their four daughters, the bakery business continued to flourish.

Fast-forward forty-five years to Andrew's retirement to find his daughter Sandy and her husband Joe determined to keep the family business alive.  Over the next seven years, the business grew beyond its physical boundaries and they purchased the adjacent building to provide for the needed expansion.  In 1999, Joe hired an extremely talented and innovative cake decorator who developed a new line of unique wedding and exclusive holiday cakes  including the turkey, the Santa, the hamburger, beer mug and other wonderfully whimsical shapes.

Twenty years later, the family business, built on the tradition of quality scratch baking, has a new European facade and a new line of fancy pastries.  On September 4th, the 65th anniversary celebration began at 10am with a clown making balloon animals for the kids and the Lincoln Bakery staff distributing specially imprinted balloons, t-shirts, hot dogs and of course, delectable slices of their famous almond, lemon and chocolate cakes.  Numerous specialty prizes were awarded to the entrants of the chinese auction raffle drawing.

The day was most eventful and we look forward to enjoying many more years of the fanciful and heavenly treats prepared by Lincoln Bakery being made available to us.  We thank Joe and all his dedicated staff for keeping the tradition alive in Bellevue!

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